Our Services

Tree Removal

Picture of Vestal Parkway from a tall tree.

Picture from a crane of a back yard in a residential neighborhood with the remains of a tree that has been cut down on the lawn.

Eric from Choice Tree Care in a bucket truck trimming a tree near power lines.

The main base of a tree being lifted by a crane after being cut by a climber.

A climber from Choice Tree Care systematically sawing down parts of a tree that are hooked up to a crane.

A picture of a small Bobcat machine from high in a tree.

A picture of Eric from Choice Tree Care trimming a tree in a bucket truck.

Tree Trimming

A picture of the West Side of Binghamton, NY from high in a tree that is being trimmed by Eric of Choice Tree Care.  You can see a golden dome on top of a church in the center of the photo.

A picture taken from high in the trees during a tree trimming job.  It's during the fall so the leaves are all colored.  You can also see 2 white and green CTC trucks on the ground.

3 different ropes coming in from different angles all knotted to the same spot on a tree.  This setup allows CTC to trim trees without using spikes which damage the tree and often kills it.