Beech tree removal in Owego, NY. This picture shows a 6,000 pound piece of a Beech tree being hoisted by a crane.

Beech Tree Removal in Owego, NY

This past season we retired our old bucket truck and purchased a Teres elevator bucket. This truck has a 75-foot working height and incredible side reach capabilities. The truck itself is an 2002 International. It’s freshly painted, 4 wheel drive, and has a winch mounted to the front of it. Aside from looking good, this […]

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Tree Service in Broome County post- A picture of Choice Tree Care co-owner Eric Tartter high in a tree over the roof of a house.

Tree Service Throughout Broome County

Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the days that we book our harder jobs throughout the Broome County, New York area. This gives us Monday to get into the swing of things. Wednesdays and Fridays are planned to help us recuperate after the more demanding jobs. This Thursday was no different. We had four backyard […]

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A picture of some standing water on a lawn with some mulched shrugs in the background.

Mitigating Turf Damage

Yes it’s wet out. As I write this it is raining. It rained yesterday. Two weeks ago we got 30+ inches of snow. The ground is soaked. If your lawn is not a pond, it’s probably at least a little squishy. Can we take care of your trees without turning your property in a muddy […]

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A picture of a young chestnut tree in a white container.

Installing Trees

Most home owners call me about tree problems that could have been avoided at the time the ‘problem’ tree was installed. Today, I will discuss things to consider when installing young trees. Know the tree you are planning to plant! How tall does it grow? How much water does it require? What kind of soils […]

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A picture of a Northern Red Oak Tree on a sunny day.

Benefits of Trees

Ok, I’m probably going to talk myself out of work here, (since the majority of our clientele requests removal of their trees), but I’m going to point out why trees are important to landscapes. Most people know that forests are a necessity for life, but few realize the need for trees near houses and in […]

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